Monday, March 8, 2010


by : ana_muslihah


asif for the late blog post.. It's my fault in managing my time.. here is the hadith that i heard before..
"akhu muslim mir'ahu akhu muslim"
A muslim is the mirror for the other muslim..

Do you get what it mean here? Mirror is made of substance that is really valuable n hugh quality so that it can reflect our image well. Otherwise we will not see our image clearly.. Each mukmin give benefit to the other. Same goes to the mirror whereby it gives us lots of benefits..There is many mirror aroud us that we can easily find. In room, toilet, musolla, stairs, hall n several place..
Mirror also is very sincere to us.. It will not show us the image that is not infront of them..Maybe there is a mirror that not shows the truth but it mean here the flat plane mirror with 100% reflection.. Moreover, mirror will keep our secret well.. Let say that there is a person who is very ugly n messy use it before.. Do you think that the mirror will tell n let the next people who use it know about the disadvantage n weakness of the previous person?? Of course no right?? Same the muslim whereby he is the one who try as much as he can to cover n keep the weakness of his friend as a secret..

A good friend is the one who :
~remind us toward Allah S.W.T..
~keep our weakness well..
~have a relationship just in seek to get a bless of Allah not because of our intelligence or advantages that we have..
~mutadayyin(they have a strong fikrah)

We have to tighten the relationship with our friends that have a good faith n strong fikrah(yellow colour).. But in the same time, we still have to create a new relationship with all people around us(red colour)..
It is like this anology whereby we have to increase the size of yellow circle n decrease the size of red circle and yet we are the black circle..

red=normal friends
yellow=friends with strong faith

Means here, we must have desire to make our friends that we always mix with , have desire and intend towards islam.. 
Maybe not fully change on the spot, but we must hope that maybe we are the agent of Allah that will make them intend toward islam and without realising, we our self can be a slightly role model that display in how islam ask us to practice islam as a way of life..(ad-deen)..

al-a'raf :164