Wednesday, October 27, 2010

anything is possible with Allah will !!!

by :ana_muslihah

Anything is possible if we wish with Allah permission. 

Who can believe that even pure physics student can also sucess in the wood craft? The main purpose is not trying to show of the talent but just want to let everyone know that each of us has their own speciality and can make anything possible if the work hard on it. 

It is all about us who were given a task on wood craft in our koQ. We manage to sketch and show the rough figure to our lecturer. But, he said it is at least 2 weeks for us to finish the task but we nearly have to submit it with 10 days. Supported by one of the student that we would take a long time because our design is so complicated. 

With Allah permission, within less than one week we manage to settle it down without any experience before and first time use those thing.

Alhamdulillah, no need to seat for the final exam.May we get best result for this subject and we learn new thing in UTM.No more koQ in UTM life.


  1. canteknye..ade bakat trpendam rupenye

  2. hehe..after berpenat lelah dapatlah juga disiapkan..nk mntk tolong ukir meja kayu k long ker?heheh

  3. wah wah..jimat duit lps nih nak hias rumah deko sendiri je,.ehee..nice ^_^

  4. hehe..tpi ini hasil kerja 4 org sahabat..huhu..z nie saper?